As explained in the Spectrus and Celesta descriptions, many Spectri/Celesti are scattered around the world sharing their own, curious traits. This is where a list of all fan-made Spectri/Celesti are included. Fan-Made Spectri/Celesti MUST contain:

  • Gothic/Angelic traits
  • Original or low-cliche information and/or personalities
  • A unique trait, no matter how ridiculous
  • A complete page (With name+information, personality, description and backstory)

Any Spectri/Celesti that do not contain these requirements will be rejected, let that be the first and final warning to you all.

To add a Spectrus/Celesta, simply click Edit, then go to the family they correspond to and add their name to the list with a link. To make a link, during the editing process you click on the chain shown in the toolbar, and where it says "Target page or URL" you add the URL of the fan-made character. Below that, you add the Character's name.

Have fun!